From left to right: Netherlands (5th), Thailand (4th), India (winner), Gabriel Correa, Poland (2nd), Brazil (3rd). Photo Ricardo Carvalho.

Spectacular! This is how the final live show of Mister Supranational 2018 can be described. WIth stage director and choreographer Tomasz Baranski back in the Supra team, a fantastic stage production and an excellent group of candidates, Mister Supranational was entertaining from the beginning until the end.

Our competitors started the show as the most handsome pirates in the world, in an exhilarating opening number! They were then introduced one by one wearing Pierre Cardin smart and elegante looks, and also brought the temperature up when wearing Self Collection in the swimwear competition. The 39 hunks not only walked the runway as models, but they also danced like professionals, catching the audience´s attention and enthusiasm at all times.

Preliminary challenges winners who made it to the Top 20 were:

Puerto Rico, Jose Alfredo Galarza – Push-up in snow challenge (Curaçao placed second)
Brazil, Samuel Costa – Mountain Bike challenge (Peru and Togo were in the Top 3 of this competition)
Russia, Mikhail Baranov – Talent Winner (2-Sri Lanka, 3-Dominican Republic, 4-USA, 5-Mexico)
Myanmar, Ellis Lwin – Mister Popularity (Facebook Voting)

Other 16 quarter-finalists were chosen by the preliminary judges after swimwear, formal wear and interview competitions, which were held during the two weeks previous to the final. They were:

Norway – India – Philippines – Dominican Republic – Panama – Slovakia – United States – Spain – Curaçao – Thailand – Czech Republic – Malta – Netherlands – Mexico – Poland – Sri Lanka.

The next 5 on the list, who were all very close to making the cut were: Colombia (21st), Togo (22nd), Venezuela (23rd), Canada (24th) and Equatorial Guinea (25th).

The show went on with more exciting runway shows for the jury to pick the 10 delegates who would go on. And they were:

Slovakia, Brazil, Thailand, Poland, Dominican Republic, India, Norway, USA, Sri Lanka and Netherlands.

By the sound of Time of My Life, the 10 finalists did an amazing job with Tomasz Baranski´s dancers, taking the stage by storm and showing some great dance moves! Questions and answers helped the judges with their final decisions, and the moment of truth finally arrived:

4th runner-up was Mister Supranational Netherlands, Ennio Fafieanie;
3rd runner-up was Mister Supranational Thailand, Kevin Dasom;
2nd runner-up was Mister Supranational Brazil, Samuel Costa;
1st runner-up was Mister Supranational Poland, Jakub Kutcher;

And the big winner was Mister Supranational India, Pratamesh Maulingkar! He received the sash and the first hug from Mister Supranational 2017 Gabriel Correa. The just elected Miss Supranational 2018, Valeria Vazquez of Puerto Rico, handled him the winner´s trophy. Then it was party time, as all other competitors invaded the stage to celebrate with Mister Supranational 2018!

Continental winners, the highest regional ranked candidates aside from those who placed in the Top 5, were:

From left to right, the Supra kings of: Caribbean (Dominican Republic), África (Togo), Americas (USA), Asia (Sri Lanka), Oceania (New Caledonia) and Europe (Slovakia). Photo Milton Mieloch

Africa – Togo, Kwassy Adjamah
Americas – United States, Nicholas Kotselas
Asia – Sri Lanka, Tymeron Carvalho
Caribbean – Dominican Republic – Daniel Sicheneder
Europe – Slovakia – Jan Palko
Oceania – New Caledonia – Kevin Aubry

Other Special Awards´ Winners were:

Best Social Media – Poland, Jakub Kutchner
Mister Group Thermaleo – Netherlands, Ennio Fafieanie
Mister Supranational Best Body – India, Pratamesh Maulingkar
Mister Supranational Best in Formal Wear – Norway, Mathias Duma
Mister Supranational Friendship – Colombia, Andres Mejia Vallejo
Mister Supranational Personality – Togo, Kwassy Adjamah
Mister Supranational Photogenic – Malta, Benoît Bartolo
Mister Supranational Top Model – Spain, Fabian Perez

Final Top 10 standings:

6th place – Slovakia – Jan Palko
7th place – Dominican Republic – Daniel Sicheneder
8th place – Sri Lanka – Tymeron Carvalho
9th place – United States – Nicholas Kotselas
10th place – Norway – Mathias Duma

Final Top 20 standings:

11th place – Spain, Fabian Perez
12th place – Panama, Ryan Stone
13th place – Czech Republic, Jakub Kochta
14th place – Curaçao, Quinton Martina
15th place – México, Alejandro Garcia
16th place – Puerto Rico, Jose Alfredo Galarza
17th place – Malta, Benoît Bartolo
18th place – Philippines, Marco Poli
19th place – Russia, Mikhail Baranov
20th place – Myanmar, Ellis Lwin

About Mister Supranational 2018, Pratamesh Maulingkar

Pratamesh Maulingkar hails from Goa, India. He is 27 years old, 1.91 m-tall. The new Mister Supranational was once a football player who defended his national team. In the next few days he will travel to Thailand to atend the Miss Universe finals, and after that, a big homecoming event is being prepared to welcome him in India!

Congratulations to the winner and to all extraordinary candidates! Many thanks to our sponsors, staff and fans! Let´s follow the new Mister Supranational in his amazing journey!