Walter Chachwanda

Name is Walter a 28 year old young man who is originally from Zimbabwe however
I moved to the United Kingdom 2004. I am a father of 2 beautiful babies, Tiiana
who is my first born aged 1 and Zac who is my second born who is only a few
days old. If I was to tell you how much I love my two babies we would need a
whole book. Family is one of my co-beliefs and I feel family should be
cherished and preserved at all cost.

I am
a church man, I have been serving in the church through music ( singing and
playing piano) since I was 7years of age and began preaching at the age of 13.
I am strong willed and when I put my mind to something I will surely achieve
the goal, when I fell in love with singing at the age of 7 I couldn’t sing “WELL” however as I grew in passion I dedicated myself to
learning and long story short I have travelled across the globe singing in
front of hundred and thousands of people. I love being in front of people and I
believe that I am good at what I do. Looking at the characteristics that this
competition requires I believe I possess them as I have acquired them during my
13 years of preaching. Preaching and singing has helped me grow in confidence,
presentation, articulation and as well as the charism it requires to engage

come from a background where modelling is frowned upon as a trade because of
misconceptions of culture and religion, I believe the best antidote to a lie is
the truth, so I have purposed it within myself to engage in this competition to
show that you can be Saved, Handsome, Smart and Unapologetic about it. I
believe that by me doing it I will show many that it can be done and it is
RIGHT. Many have already started messaging me about how I inspire them and that
it had charged them up also to want to step out and being to model, sing etc
without fear. To those I mentor I always tell them that sometimes people might
not see how uniquely gifted you are, but if you can reach within and find it within
yourself to believe in yourself enough to start working towards your goals so
much so that people will have no option but to notice you.

for me is an ever evolving reality. Whenever I set goals and i achieve them it
simply enlarges my appetite for bigger and greater things.




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