Pantis Sandu

my name is Sandu! I’m 28
and have been living in London for nearly 5 years; I’m originally
from Romania. I’m a
huge advocate of fitness and physical exercise to keep my body (and mind)
healthy and to become a better version of myself – that’s
what inspired me to enter this competition. I’m a fully qualified personal trainer, although I’m currently
studying for a degree in Business Management.  It’s been great to
have an added motivation and challenge for my workout routine – I’m really looking
forward to the show! 

you first meet me, I might come across as a bit quiet, but my friends all know
that I love to joke and play tricks. I’ve
got a curious personality and like to take a practical and hands-on approach to
get things done. I’m
loyal and fiercely protective of my friends and family. I don’t really have a
role model because the mentality of many models and famous people these days is
just to have money; for me that’s
something absurd, there are so many more important things! I would like be a
role model for others; I would like to be an example of how many things you can
do even if you’re
not particularly rich - helping friends/family, being happy, learning,
discovering new places and cultures and knowing how to stay healthy. I believe
that learning how to love yourself and being positive is much more beneficial
than criticising someone else, it can take you much further in life! 

I’d love to win
this competition, so that I can share my passion for healthy living and
positivity with a wider audience. As one of my goals, I’d like to
encourage more people to take care of themselves to live longer and happier lives. 

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