Kieron Hanhart

Moto: life is one big game and we’ve all gotta roll the dice!  

My name is
kieron hanhart, I’m a
23 year old lad from the south coast of England, Brighton! I currently work in
the construction industry as a carpenter and a part time model, but thrive to
be more and more  successful
each and every day, especially with in the modelling industry! 

I am
a very big family man, I currently still live at home with my parents and
little brother who is also my best friend! They all  in courage me to
do the best in life, bringing me up with good morals and principles and to
treat everyone with the up most respect! I would be lost in this world without

always been a confident lad and willing to try my hardest, working for the
camera and working within promotions has always made me feel good about myself!
I went though a bad stage in life this time last year where I had almost lost
everything, apart from my family! It caused me to go through a stage of
depression and anxiety making me almost give up with life, I went down some bad
paths because of this episode! But I managed to pick myself up and turn myself
around all because of the people I had around me, one of them being my current
girlfriend who played a massive part in give me a more positive attitude and
making want to achieve in life again. I am now reaching my prime in life and Iv
come out the other side feeling stronger and more alive in life! Mental heath
broke me and made me! 

will succeed and I won’t
give up. 

Insta: @Kieron_hanhart



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