Jun Khanbekian

I am Jun Khanbekian , 27 years of age , half British and half Armenian. My outlook on life has always been somewhat different to most , I love the fashion world , its majestic and shows elegance and expression and has always been a passion of mine, however I am always curious, drawn and intrigued by other avenues , I am incredibly spiritual and strive for success , achievement and purpose. Life is a mear blink everything and anything you do is temporary and so I believe it is important to do what you want to do , most people tend to have the idea that they can just do things tomorrow or the following day almost as if tomorrow is a guaranteed thing when the reality is its simply not. You must navigate your way through life like a mouse in a maze and think long term like a game of chess. Its all about creating opportunity , seeking opportunity the only limitation in life is you. I have various hobbies that include , Metal detecting , Acting , Dancing , Travelling , Axe throwing and participating in games that involve strategic and tactical sources of play such as Backgammon , Checkers and Chess. My family are my world and as long as they are healthy and happy and I can look back on my life with a smile then that in my eyes was a successful life. Insta: @JVAHE



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