Fernando Calimache

Calimache I. Fernando ( Born in 18 December 1995 in Bucharest Roumenia)                                                                                                            

Born in Roumenia but raised
in Italy from the age of 6 Years. Fernando completed his studies in Italy at
the Nautical Institute Caio Duilio of Messina as an excellent student.

He was part of the Sicilian
GoldenFighters team from 2010 to 2016 as a professional kickboxing fighter, Winner of various titles in
Italy including that of regional champion of Italy at Rome in 2016.

In 2017 Fernando decide to
move to London “Uk” together with the family.

Currently retired from the
world of kickboxing, he took the security officer certificate at the SIA
“security industry authority” and works as such, and over the weekend he works
as a receptionist at the Ascot hotel in Paddington, he also arrived in the
final for the selection of Mister Supranational UK, an international
competition that takes place every year.

Fernando has been happily married since June 2019 and he and his wife are expecting a baby. He lives a healthy and
sporting life.  He has always loved every
kind of competition, he has a lot of confidence in his skills.

His greatest strength is the
Family and he knows that one day he will reach the top thanks to the affection
of the Family and to his own potential.

Insta: fernando_calimache



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