Daryll Trotman

Trotman studied drama for 5 years. He practiced judo for 7 years and worked my
way up to become the most experienced member of his club. He’s a street
dancer. He has a bit of Thai Boxing and Jiu jitsu experience. He’s done a bit of  gymnastics so he’s also flexible.
He is 6ft 3. His parents were both models. He has a younger brother and sister.
His cousin Samantha Maria who has been very supportive is a London based
content creator with an extensive knowledge of all things fashion and beauty
related she has recently taken on the ambitious project of launching her own
jewellery line. Daryll made it through as a finalist for the Top Model UK and
Mr Model Guy UK competitions and has since been asked to compete 4 other
competitions. He’s
currently scheduled to compete with Gymbodyz which is a fitness model
competition run by the ultra hard working Paulette Sybliss who doubles as Janet
personal trainer. Daryll is also part of the team which runs Love Chalkhill
Festival which has seen esteemed guests such as Misha B, Levi Roots and Judi
Love. His career focus is now on community/charity work which carries the aim
of promoting health and culture. One such charity he works with is the cancer
charity named Bonded Thru Cancer.




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