Adolfo Bitoden

to anyone who is aware of the great contest of which we are participants. My
name is Adolfo, I am a 22-year-old born in Spain with Cameroonian origins.I
come from a family of immigrant parents, I only count with my mother, my
brother and my father. It's been hard sometimes not having more family but I
have in mind that I'll get far and I'll make worth my parent's effort.

have been in the UK for two years working, studying and struggling to carry on
my dream of being model and singer. It's been hard for me to get to where I am,
and it's a great test of my struggle to be here in this contest, to be a part
of this great event and to light up my way as a model, as a singer. I believe I
am able to demonstrate my skills and make every effort to be a great competitor
and representative of the UK. 

just need the support of all of you to make my dream possible, because we all
have dreams and we want to fulfill them, right? Well, I invite you to be part
of my dream. 




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